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An Application is a software framework dedicated to the efficient execution of procedures (programs, routines, scripts) for supporting an application’s usage. Applications and Platforms that might help you in your search for the following:


check Graphic Designing check PC Repair and Upgrading
check Website Development check PC Maintenance
check CSS check System Development
check HTML check Systems Platforms
check DHTML check Server Administrator
check XHTML check Shared Environment Hosting
check JavaScript check VPS
check Optimization Tools check Virtual Private Servers
check Set Up check Command Line Interface
check Networking check SSH
check Networking Set-up LAN check GUI based Control Panels
check PC Troubleshooting check Web Admin
Listed below are applications currently being used by our MySiteMalixi Creative Team to bring to you The Best that Technology Can Offer.
I. Graphic Designing
Photoshop CS3 Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Illustrator CS3 Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe Flash CS3 Adobe Flash CS3
Adobe Imager Ready Adobe Image Ready
Adobe Fireworks CS3 Adobe Fireworks CS3
Corel Draw Corel Draw
ADOBE flash player logo Flash Effects
3D Flash 3D Flash Animator
Adobe InDesign CS3 Adobe InDesign CS3
II. Website Development
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
Javascript JavaScript
xara Xara (Webstyle4 and Xara3D6)
Adobe Audition Adobe Audition 2.0
Adobe Soundbooth CS3 Adobe Soundbooth CS3
Adobe Premier CS3 Adobe Premier CS3
Camtasia Camtasia
Adobe AfterEffects CS3 Adobe After Effects CS3
III. SEO- Search Engine Optimization
optimization tools Optimization Tools
search engine categories Search Engine Categories
reporting tools Reporting Tools
analytics Analytics
copywriting Copywriting
blogging Blogging
IV. System Development
database Dbase 111+, Perl, PHP, PEAR , MySQL , Apache
systems Systems: SVN & Git
net .NET
platforms Platforms:
V. Server Administrator
shared environment hosting Shared Environment Hosting
virtual private servers VPS (virtual private servers)
command line interface Command–Line Interface (SSH)
gui based control panels GUI-based Control Panels
web admin Web Admin
lxadmin LXAdmin
cpanel Cpanel / WHM
plesk Plesk
hsp complete HSP Complete
ispconfig ISP Config
rapidcp Rapid CP
direct admin Direct Admin
virtualmin Virtualmin
VI. AJAX- Asynchronous
VII. Domain Registration and Administration
Web Process Copy Writing Domain Seal SSL Graphic Designs
Designed and Developed
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