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MySiteMalixi EMR Software: Helps physicians digitize patient’s record and manage your practice with ease. MySiteMalixi EMR software is best solution for every specialty to maintain clinical / medical records of patients
What is MySiteMalixi EMR Software?
MySiteMalixi EMR Software is a cloud-based Electronic Medical Record, it’s a Doctors Workbench to manage its patients. Future versions will feature customizable properties for specialties and countries. MySiteMalixi EMR software system was specifically created to fully accommodate all aspects of clinical workflow, including storage, retrieval and modification of digital patient records plus prescription writing, clinical annotation, ordering laboratory and imaging tests and viewing test results.
Make your Practice Paperless with MySiteMalixi EMR. This is the most comprehensive software for physicians to help them run their practice with ease for many years. Keeping digital records with an EMR system can significantly reduce the amount of storage necessary for paper-based records plus electronic medical record systems are proven to dramatically improve efficiency.
MySiteMalixi EMR Software Benefits
  • Appointment Management
  • Patient Management
  • Patient Database
  • Technical Support
  • On-boarding Trainings
  • Tutorials and User Manuals
  • Patient Diagnostics /Laboratory Monitoring Results
  • Patient Diagnosis Management
Who MySiteMalixi EMR Software for?
  • For Doctors
  • For Veterinary Physician
  • For Doctors Assistant Nurse
  • You or your assistant can manage appointments
  • Your nurse can encode lab result of each patients for Doctors to see and make prescriptions for patients real time, and nurse can print doctors prescription from the system, for patients to readily medicated even the doctors is not around for follow up check up
  • Nurses can manage encoding its Doctors medicines list for Doctors prescription needs
EMR Software Appointment Management
  • Scheduling of Patients for Doctors Appointments
  • Even the nurses is not in the clinic, they can access the EMR on their mobile phones to add patient who text or call for doctors appointment and also check appointment of their Doctors
  • Book, cancel, delete and edit patient appointment details
  • Save patient schedule
  • Done patient schedule
  • Booking of patients on the day, on the next day, next week or next month
EMR Software Patient Management
  • Detailed Patient profile
  • Detailed health records
  • Can make prescriptions real time even the Doctor is not in the Clinic or Hospital
  • Booking of Patient schedule by day, week, month
  • Diagnostics / Lab Results of Patient
  • Follow up check up notes of nurses for each patients
EMR Software Patient Database
  • Track patients treatments and service history
  • Monitor patients diagnosis and medication
  • Patients Complain
  • Doctors Findings
  • Prescribed Medication
  • Remarks / Diagnosis
  • Doctors Notes
  • Patient prescription
  • Patients Medical history
EMR Software Medicines and Prescriptions
  • Medicines List Add, Edit and delete
  • You can create prescriptions and choose medications
  • Doctor and Nurses Drug Administration
  • It will record each patients vital signs and medication history
  • Can create medication categories
  • Under each categories you can add medicines accordingly for proper management and future references also of updated medicines
  • GEL
  • KIT
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