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MySiteMalixi introduces Clinic & Diagnostics Management System. A Cloud-based System AS A Service (SAA) that is designed to effectively manage all aspects of your business operation from Patient OPD Medical Records - Diagnosis, Laboratory / Diagnostics Result Management, , Booking and scheduling of patients appointments / check -up schedule, , Inventory Management of Products Consumables as a Service to patients, Real- time posting of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Sales Reports and Management, Patient follow up check up scheduling , and many more.
MySiteMalixi Clinic & Diagnostics Management System. We continously updating our system and customizing it to tailor fit the clients needs, for you and your staff to effectively manage your business with ease. Your system will serve you lifetime. You will not pay for an additional system to be deployed on your upcoming branches or existing branches as this system is one time payment lifetime use.
Clinic Account Administration System (CAAS):
  • System User Account Manager
  • User Account Acess Creation
Clinic Information System (CIS):
  • Patient Services
  • Examination and Results
  • Medical Records
  • Nursing Services
  • Patient Account Adjustment
Clinic Materials Management System (CMMS):
  • Real-Time/Perpetual Inventory Management
  • Vendor/Supplier Master File Management
  • Products Selling Price Update
  • Quantity Adjustments
Clinic Financial Accounting System (CFAS):
  • Sales Summary Entries
  • Patient Billing Account Adjustment
  • Products Sales Summary
  • Service Sales Summary
  • Sales Summary Reports
Clinic Management System Main Features and Capabilities
  Clinic Patients Management  
  Manage all Outpatients. Patients are quickly accessible. Schedule and organize the outpatients.  
Manage Patients
  You can manage both your inpatients and outpatients. Provided with a Nurse Patient Charting, for effective Assestment of patients needs and concerns as well as bed scheduling
Doctors Appointments
  Friendly display of your patient appointments. You can see calendar of appointments between days, weeks and months per Doctor patients.
Waiting Room
  Doctors and nurses can keep track of the patients in the waiting room, all integrated with the calendar and with service on schedule.
Patients Quick Search
  The patients are easily findable by name or birthdate thru a patients list. You can type part of the name or birthdate to identify the patient on the result list.
  Clinic Scheduling  
  Keep track of your appointments and your team's calendar. With Checkins, always know which patients are in the Waiting Room and how late they are.  
Per Doctors Calendars
  Patient Manager enables you to see in the same window the calendars of multiple users. Patient appointments in the calendar can be scheduled by the nurses or by the secretary from another workstation or even by doctors upon check up for its follow up schedule thru doctors workbench on account calendars.
Check up Follow Ups
  You can set follow up reminders to each patients appointments for easy doctorrs viewing of its patients concerns.
Birthday Statistics
  All patients birthday will appear on birthday list according to exiting months.
  Clinic Billing and Claims  
  Issue Invoices and Receipts from doctors prescriptions. Additionally you have support to generate claims for insurances\copayers healthcares.  
Integrated with Medical Records
  Work efficiently by generating the patient bills directly from the entered medical records, from used materials or from inpatient service accommodations.
Integrated with Pharmacy / Inventory
  You can configure the workflow of how drugs are billed and dispensed. The pharmacy module can cover point of sale, or billing of prescribed drugs, or thru service as stock consumables.
Lab and Imaging as a Service
  Tests requested as a service can be billed seamlessly allong with other billable items.
Receivables and Collections
  Billing records of unpaid invooices as well as paid claims invoices.
Partial Invoice Payments
  The system supports partial payments for your invoices, while keeping track of the patients with balance listed on Receivables reports
  Laboratory / Imaging and Radiology  
  The laboratory module enables the cooperation between the Doctors and the in-house lab.  
Dedicated Module
  The lab staff typically works only to this section of the program without having access to the medical records or billing.
The Doctors Request the Tests
  The Doctors request the tests together with the prescription. The requested tests are automatically billable after clicking request for invoice.
Test Results Templates
  The test results will be encoded at each diagnostics results forms and can be printed for patient and doctors copy.
  Clinic Pharmacy Management  
  In the Pharmacy module, the pharmacists can dispense prescribed and prepaid drugs or sell not prescribed medication, as they have permissions.  
Accommodates Multiple Workflows
  Through permissions the system administrators can limit what functions can a pharmacist do.
Bill and Dispense Drugs
  For example, the pharmacists can both bill the patients based on the medic's prescriptions, and also dispense the drugs.
Only Dispense Prepaid Drugs
  A limited scenario is when the pharmacist can only dispense the drugs already billed by a cashier.
Point of Sale
  Optionally, the pharmacists can sell directly drugs from their stock to patients, without needing a prior prescription.
Drug Prescriptions Via Invoiced
  Along with handing over the drugs, the pharmacists can print out the prescrived drug in its requested paid invoiced issued by the Doctor.
  Clinic Inventory Management  
  Manage the stocks of drugs, materials and dispensable items, all integrated with the medical records, purchases and billing.  
Multi-location Stocks
  Each of your departments can manage it's own stock of inventory items, along with per department sale prices when required.
Expiry Date
  On purchase, you can set expiry dates for drugs upon delivery on the inventory, and run Expired Items reports.
Stocks View
  Drugs inventory location summarised the existing stocks of each items listed for easy view for purchase request of low count items.
Delivery of stocks
  Adding delivered items. Existing count plus the delivered items will have total available stocks posted beside the items name.Not editable for security purposes.
Disposal of stocks
  Disposal of expired of damage items. Existing count less the disposed items will have total available stocks posted beside the items name.Not editable for security purposes.
Adjustment of stocks
  Adjustment of items wether by adding or reducing the existing inventory count, remarks to put on reason for adjustment. Existing count after adjustment will have total available stocks posted beside the items name. Not editable for security purposes.
  We'll Bring Your Vision to Life  
  With over a decade of medical software development experience, MySiteMalixi Cloud Medical Systems Services can take your special requirements and develop them to tailor fit your operation.  
Our Expertise
  1) Consulting, Problem Solving, Research
2) User Interface and User Experience Design
3) Implementation and Deployment
Our Guarantee
  1) New capabilities and improvements are constantly available to you via updates and upgrades to the system.
2) Ongoing support for your applications though our expert technical support staffs. They are conveniently reachable by phone, live chat, or email.
3) Our solutions include ongoing maintenance and technical support.
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