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If you are a business decision maker of your company marketing any products, like food supplements, energy gadgets, cleaning tools etc. And just starting out online or even if you are a veteran marketer, an online network marketing system is a must have if you want a stable, profitable business that can run auto piloting your distributors online marketing presence. Recruiting distributors who chose to work for your company because they believe on the product benefits, income potential and massive influence to each individual aside from themselves must be kept by giving them all the online marketing help possible.
Distributors Online Marketing System provides a very effective recruiting free captured pages and sales pipes with specific effective messages that cater to each of your target market. Your distributor doesn’t have to worry about creating their own individual marketing designed pages which is expensive and time-consuming.
Distributors Online Marketing System allows your team to collaborate effectively on team projects, share ideas/information, and work efficiently to solve prospects challenges—without waste, inefficiencies and unnecessary costs or delays.
Distributors Online Marketing System Recruit and Retail Website, Advertising, and Online Payment Account that majority of our COLD MARKET customers and prospects are comfortable for their transaction. Instead of just focusing on our COI (Circle of Influence), distributors have the skill to grow their retailing and recruiting business all over the archipelago. Some distributors construct or cultivate their own websites, but have difficulty on advertising their website. Deprived of advertisement, there are no inquiries and their website will be useless. Online business requires online payment but only few distributors have an account (eg. Paypal) to receive these modes of payment. Assured buyers / recruits are now turned into waste inquiries.
Distributors Online Marketing System was established from a necessity to deliver quality online product team support to distributors that sometimes miss out if they live outside a big city or are unable to travel to our local trainings.
We develop Distributors Online Marketing System to help your Team of Excited & Experienced Distributors all over the world that supports Distributors close or far-off, with or without active up lines to reach their next level. Being part of a strong team help everyone accomplish goals quicker than working on their own. With our Distributors Online Marketing System your distributors can now inflate your business from the cosiness of their own home!
System Features:
We sample our Herbalife System Client for more realistic view of this product - we will customized the designs and product depending on your requirements. The features can be customized too to any product that you are selling.
Your Own Recruiting Website : Access to Online training Video Website
Your Own Retail Website
Your Own Activity Challenge Event Website
A Prospect Manager in which your prospects will be Automatically Stored.
   A Unique Email Follow-up System that automatically send 12 emails to your prospects once a month for the whole year.
 Access to our Member Community Forum with great tips & information on how to make your website work for you.
 Business Tools with Downloadable Scripts and Presentations
 Your Own Getting Started Website: Online Sponsoring Site
 Your Own Online Product Catalog Website : Online Sponsoring Site
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