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Cloud SMS Marketing System replaces the traditional manual text messaging campaigns. Messages can be created inside the Cloud SMS Marketing System creation panel and can be categorize according tocampaign category. All mobile recipients can be categorized per industry or designation and assigned on the location source. Globe, Sun and Smart numbers are automatically segregated upon uploading to the system. Automatic counting of new numbers and automatic detection of existing numbers on the system thus makes the system only ads those that are not listed yet.
Create your own SMS marketing campaigns on your own time. The convenience of creating your own campaigns and choosing which recipient will receive it anytime and adding collected numbers on the system are very tremendous help in any businesses. Whether you wanted to make an announcements, invites, offerings and service updates our Cloud SMS Marketing System will do it all for you. Great savings because of its one time system payment plus unlimited sending capacity and auto back up capacity securing your valuable mobile database from any harm is surely a good investment.
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