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MySiteMalixi Cloud Email Marketing System benefits are endless; you can target your specific recipient by category and by seasons because our system comes with category creation and location, and it’s easy and much affordable doing your email marketing campaign than normal traditional emailing. Redesigning your templates is very easy inside our system and can be linked to all your social networking accounts and you may post your full email design and contents in it too; aside from the html link that goes with it upon clicking to view it directly into a website form.
As your Cloud Email Marketing System provider we will assure you that you will enjoy using this system. Having your own Cloud Email Marketing System will save you a lot of money and doing your email marketing campaign at the convenience of your own office or home anytime, anywhere.
We will conduct trainings on your personnel and management on how to use this system and we will troubleshoot and help you anytime at no cost. This system comes with one time system fee.
Our Cloud Email Marketing System Project
Cloud Email Marketing System Video Tutorial
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